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Trending Now…

Trending Now… For a brief moment, during Wednesday last week, the phrase “Omega-3 Prostate Cancer” was at the top of the list of trending topics on Yahoo. It took the curious reader to links like this: Fish oils may raise … Continue reading

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700,000 year-old Thistle Creek horse eclipses Denisovan record

Until last month, the most ancient whole genome ever sequenced from the DNA residues extracted from fossilized bone was from a polar bear.  Continuously frozen in ice for about 120,000 years on Svalbard Island, Norway, this polar bear jaw helped … Continue reading

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The Big Chill

Late in the summer of 2012, healthy non-identical twin girls were born to a 25 year-old California woman and her same-sex partner. The biological father, aged 92 at the time of the birth, was a semen donor. His gametes had … Continue reading

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Open Source Medicines

The process of drug development has a high rate of attrition. Only 20% of the compounds that enter human clinical trials reach final approval – and for each of these candidates, there are nearly one hundred substances already discarded by … Continue reading

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